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H&B Gallery can maximize the amount of return on your estate and household sales. One of our unique benefits not available elsewhere, is our ability to display unsold estate items in our showrooms after the sale. This allows us to be more conservative in our price reductions during a sale, knowing that if an item of value doesn't sell, it can be shown and sold for an appropriate price in the showrooms at H&B Gallery.  To our knowledge, no other estate sale organization has this ability.

We have conducted numerous estate sales in the Twin Cities, and are lucky to have a reputation with consignors and regular clientele that are always interested in our upcoming sales. This allows us to tap into a market of potential buyers that may not have been attracted through conventional advertising.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company. In addition to the commission, we charge the cost of advertising and possible moving expenses after the sale. We begin the process by reviewing the estate/household to determine if an in-home sale will be most beneficial to you, and discuss the length of the sale and the amount of time needed for our staff to stage. If you are interested in having an estate sale, or have any questions regarding our process, please call. To see information on our upcoming estate sales, please follow the link to bellow.

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