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Why H&B Gallery?

If you are looking to maximize your return on selling your antique glassware, china, furniture, or fine jewelry, consider H & B Gallery.  By consigning your items with us, they will be displayed in one of the largest showrooms in the Twin Cities, and viewed by hundreds of customers a month.  Our consignment services have helped many people from the Twin Cities area and beyond get the most for their valuables. With over a million dollars in sales each year, your particular item will likely sell at or above the current market price.


We retain a commission of 35% on items priced over $100, and 50% on items priced below $100.  Prices are reduced 15% after 2 months, 25% after 3 months, and 50% after 4 months. If you would like to take an item back, or not sell it past a certain percentage, you may pick items up at any time. There is no obligation to us, just the commission charged after the sale. Sterling silver and fine jewelry are not reduced, after 6 months, we allow customers to make offers in which case we would call you. 

Where do I start?

If you have something you are interested in consigning, the best place to start is by bringing in a photograph or sending one to us via email. We will take a look and let you know whether or not it is something we would take into the shop. From a photograph, we can typically give a price range we would sell the item for in the shop. Small items can come in at any time, larger items like furniture must be scheduled in advance. Photographs can be sent to

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